100% natural Himalayan Salt tealight holder. Holds a single tealight in the centre. The size and shape of this product may vary as it is cut from pure Himalayan salt.


A physician in your home. Himalayan Rock Salt is a homeopathic remedy. Claimed benefits include:

- Helps insomnia

- Nerve soothing / nerve relaxing

-Helps concentration & boosts energy

- Supports treatment in respiratory diseases

- Combats air pollution

- Enriches & rejuvenates emotional life

- Reduces susceptibility to hay-fever, colds & flu

- Increases oxygen supply in closed air environment

- Gives relief from general malaise, such as, nausea, headache, lethargy, dizziness, depression & irritability caused by electro magnetic pollution & cosmic radiation 

Himalayan Rock Salt Tealight Holder