200mls of pure, holistic magic. Aromatherapy refers to the medicinal or therapeutic use of essential oils absorbed through the skin or olfactory system. Essential oils, which are derived from plants, are used to treat illness as well as to enhance physical and psychological well-being.Our Essential Oil Serums have been expertly hand blended in house to help relieve certain health ailments. Aches & Pains Serum - Produced to relieve pain for aching joints, Arthritis, sore muscles & Fibromyalgia pain.Sleepy Serum - Produced to help you find restful sleep and sweet dreams. Be kind to yourself and let this heavenly blend work it's holistic magic. A small amount can be used on babies older than 3 months - massage into the soles of tiny feet. Fertility Enhancing Serum - Ideal for when just starting out or trying to conceive for a while, this blend for women has been hand blended to support normal reproductive health and fertility. Balances horomones, increases serotonin and reduces stress and anxiety. Cramp Relief Serum - Produced to ease symptoms of IBS, Menopause & Endometriosis. Aids relief for stomach cramps, discomfort of the bowel, reduces bloating, reduces inflammation, reduces hot flushes. Can be used by both male and female.Stretch Mark Serum - Increases skin elasticity & moisture, helping to protect against stretch marks & fade already existing stretch marks. Packed full of plant based ingredients to deliver results you can both see and feel.Gently shake the bottle to mix the oils then massage into any areas of pain, discomfort or pulse points. Suitable for all skin typesDo not ingest.Keep out of reach of children.Store under 25°C out of direct sunlight.Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Essential Oil Serums