Our 10ml Essential Oil Blends have been expertly created to treat any problems or issues you may have.

Only 5 drops of our blends are need per 100ml of water in a diffuser, meaning this 10ml Essential Oil Blend has up to 40 uses in it!


Sleep Aid - Produced to help you findrestful sleep and sweet dreams. Contains: A blend of Lemon, Marjoram, Lavender & Chamomile.


Anxiety Relief - Produced to alleviate symptomsof anxiety & stress - allowing youruplifting & carefree nature toresurface.

Contains: A blend of Bergamot,Rosewood, Lavender& YlangYlang.


Hay Fever Relief - Designed to provide a gentle & natural treatment for runny nose, sinus discomfort, sneezing, nasal congestion & itching.

Contains: Rosemary, Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint.


Migraine Relief - Produced to provide relief, aid circulation, reduce stress & balance horomones.

Contains: Eucalyptus,Helichrysum, Lavender,Spearmint & Chamomile.

Essential Oil Blends