About us 

I've always had a passion for home fragrance and I've always loved a good wax melt!


There is nothing better than cleaning your whole house and lighting a beautiful, fresh wax melt to finish it off; or burning a relaxing, soothing scent after a long, stressful day. However, I began finding it hard to find good, long lasting wax melts. After almost a year of researching & testing different types of wax and fragrance oils I decided to go with 100% soy wax, which has no nasty chemicals. I choose the vegan friendly fragrance oils to compliment the wax & I use the highest legal amount of fragrance oil in every wax melt to ensure they are all highly scented. Each wax melt bar has over 50 hours burn time.


Fill your home with a Devine Scent & you will not be disappointed!